How to Create the Best Work Environment in your Office

Having a positive work environment will play a crucial role in building your company and boosting employee morale. It is important to note that your office is where your employees will spend most of their time; it will be their home away from home. Creating a strong company culture will determine the feel of your business and inspire employees to work harder. By focusing on ways to make your employees enjoy coming to work everyday, you will be able to create the best possible work environment in your office, which will lead to increased sales outside of the office.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

  1. Design a comfortable office – Office design is one of the most important factors in creating a positive working environment for your employees. When looking for office space, many businesses focus more on price than amenities, layout and design, which is often a mistake. To create a comfortable office, businesses could consider adding carpet, comfortable chairs and couches, paintings, flowers, etc. It is also important to look for a space with its own kitchen, so you can provide snacks without having to share with other offices.
  2. Encourage office members to get organized – Just like you wouldn’t want friends to see a messy home, clients don’t want to see a messy office. Employers can encourage employees to clean up their desk either before the end of the workday or at the end of each week. Finally, look for office space that has maintenance staff.
  3. Focus on buying up-to-date machines and technology – As an employer, it is important to make sure that you constantly update to the newest machines and technology. Having devices that work properly will increase productivity and prevent employees from complaining about slow or malfunctioning machinery.
  4. Consider openness when designing your office – Having openness in your office will allow your work environment to become more collaborative and creative. Openness will allow employees to bounce ideas off one another. It will also prevent employees from loosing focus. This is another factor that will lead to increased productivity.

With these tips, we at Greenway Plaza believe that your overall profitability will increase because the happier your employees are the more likely that sentiment will spread to your clients as well. Keep these tips in mind whenlooking for an office space that’s right for you and your business.

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6 Office Space Decision Making Tips From Greenway Plaza

The hardest part of moving your office space isn’t packing up the boxes or signing the lease, it’s the physical act of deciding between the possible spaces you love.

Once you have found offices that meet your basic requirements, we know how difficult it is to differentiate between them. Here are a few tips to help you make the big decision.

Look at the Pricing Models: Landlords structure their lease rates in several different ways. The most common are Triple Net (NNN), gross lease and modified gross. NNN is where the tenant pays a lower rent to the landlord and then all additional expenses are paid separately. In a gross lease rate all operating expenses are included in the monthly rental payments. A modified lease is in the middle. Common area maintenance, property insurance, property taxes and water are included in the monthly rental payments but gas, electric and janitorial work is extra.

Look at the lease carefully: Figure out what is included and not included in the lease. Negotiate with the landlord before you sign it. After the negotiations, it will make it easier to determine which office space is the right one for you.

Expansion and Reduction: Realistically, a small business’ profit fluctuates with the economy. This causes some years to be more lucrative than others, which results in the restructuring of your business. Whether you are expanding or downgrading, you need to discuss with your landlord whether this is a possibility.

Construction/Remodel: If you are looking at a space that needs to be remodeled or finished for your specific needs, you need to know not only whether the landlord can do this, but also whether it will go above your price range. You need to ask your landlord, how much he will be willing to cover. The lease term length, business credit and market conditions will impact these factors.

Personal Guarantees in a Lease: Sometimes, landlords require a personal guarantee from the business owner and may refuse to rent the space without one. Decide if you are comfortable with this added liability.

Lease Term: Many small businesses prefer a short-term lease because it reduces risk and increases flexibility. However, there are many advantages to signing a long-term lease including, lower monthly rates, stability, decreased relocation fees, etc.

Now that you know how to further narrow down your possibilities and have negotiated the terms and conditions, you are ready to pick your new office space.

*If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at Greenway Plaza. We are here to help!

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Greenway Plaza – 18,000 Square Feet Available!

If you have a tenant looking for up to 18,000 square feet of space, please consider Greenway Plaza Office Park in Melville. We have beautiful, move in space available on the third floor at 155 Pinelawn Road. Take a look!

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Greenway Plaza Office Park – Parking

Stuart Walton discusses the 1250 parking spaces available for tenants at Greenway Plaza.

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Greenway Plaza Office Park – Office Attributes

Stuart Walton, Property Manager for Greenway Plaza Office Park, discusses the design of each office space at Greenway Plaza. Built to appeal to any tenant that needed 1,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet, Greenway Plaza is your home away from home.

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Rise in Rental Properties – By Stuart Walton of Greenway Plaza

With U.S. unemployment at 8.2% and the rise of home foreclosures, more and more Americans have given up on the idea of owning their own homes and have moved towards rental properties instead. This shift is dramatically remaking the U.S. housing industry, as we know it.

According to Gallup, 62% of Americans say that they own their own homes in 2012, compared to 68% the previous year. This marks a new low since Gallup began the study in 2001.

In a recent report, Oliver Chang, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, called 2012 “The Year of the Landlord,” because rents are rising, vacancies are falling, household formations are growing and rental supply is limited. He believes that the demand for rental properties will continue to grow in the upcoming year.

Some reasons for the rise in rental properties:

It has become harder to borrow money from the bank because they are looking for much better credit than they did in the past.

Banks are requiring that people use more money on down payments. This turns people off from buying homes.

People used to think that real estate would go up forever but now properties are constantly going down. It becomes harder for people to sell their own homes for the price they desire, which in turn makes it harder for them to buy another home.

Often when figuring out what costs more renting vs. buying. It is often cheaper to rent than it is to buy.

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Greenway Plaza Office Park – Conference Center

Stuart Walton, Property Manager of Greenway Plaza Office Park in Melville, NY discusses the state-of-the-art conference center.

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6 Questions To Ask Before Moving Your Office – Helpful Tips From Greenway Plaza

When it comes time to start looking for a new space for your office, you must handle the process carefully; relocation can be both beneficial and risky. In order to ensure that you make the best decision possible for your business, ask these questions along the way.

Why exactly am I moving?
It is crucial to understand what you would like to gain from your move. Consider the size, the area, and the price range that you would ideally like in a new office space. There are many different elements tied into this process that can make it seem overwhelming at times but with a clear set of priorities, the search can be done in less time and with less confusion.

What is the cost?
This may seem like one of the more obvious questions, but there is more to it that people often leave out. Make sure to confirm exactly what is included in the total price. The last thing that you want to deal with, along with a move, is surprise charges for things such as utilities, property tax, property insurance, trash collection and area maintenance, which you thought were included in the total price. Also, make sure all costs are spelled out in the lease. Unfortunately, many times tenants sign a lease thinking they are getting a great deal, but don’t realize that they will have to pay additional costs every time there is a work order or renovations are needed or overtime is accrued by office building staff.

What is the area like?
The space you find may be perfect, but the surrounding area can easily make or break it. Consider how the area will affect your clients and staff. Maybe you have chosen an area that is already quite populated with other offices and your business will thrive just off the added foot traffic. However, maybe the new office is in a more isolated location that clients are less likely to travel to. Consider the access – the ease or difficulty of getting to your destination – as well. Traffic lights and traffic flow are important. If there is a lot of traffic in the area, clients may turn away their business because the commute is too much of a hassle.

Is the atmosphere right?
There are many reasons to move, but one of the most important is the feeling you get in your new space. Does this new office make you happy? This visceral reaction is one that you must consider when looking for the ideal office space. If the atmosphere is right, it will keep your employee activity high and create an added value for your business.

What are the terms?
When you are ready to sign the lease, it is essential to understand all the details of the lease. What is the time frame? What are your options for expansion in the future? What happens when the lease is up? Do not think that just because you have finally found a space, you can relax. Now is the time to be alert and clarify all final points.

What is management like? 
Remember that your office space will be your home away from home and the relationship with your building owner/super needs to be a good one. Do you get a positive feeling from them? Will management be onsite in order to deal with any problems that arise quickly and efficiently? Make sure to look for management that is flexible and willing to work with you should your office space needs change.

Moving your office space can be a great opportunity, but can also put a lot on the line. By taking the time to ask these questions, you can minimize hassle while maximizing success for your business during the move.

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Greenway Plaza Office Park – Food Service

Stuart Walton, Property Manager at Greenway Plaza Office Park, discusses the food service within each building.

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Greenway Plaza Office Park Artwork and Building Maintenance

Stuart Walton, Property Manager, talks about the building maintenance and property at Greenway Plaza.

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