Greenway Plaza Offers Tips to Green Your Office Space

People today are making a conscious effort to lead a more green lifestyle. With the rising awareness of global warming, it’s time to learn ways to change your daily habits and help the environment. A good place to start is in your office.

Here are a few areas that, with some small tweaks, can easily help you become more environmentally friendly.

Your Computer
In today’s day and age, computers are essential to almost every office space, but can also be the biggest source of energy waste. A way to prevent this is to turn off your computer at night or when you will be away from your desk for a while to save carbon dioxide. Also, avoid using a screensaver. Many people are unaware that screensavers actually use up just as much energy as the computer would if it was turned on and in use.

Your Printer
To save paper, make sure to use both sides of each sheet. By simply flipping it over and putting it back in the printer to print on the other side, you can cut your paper consumption in half. Using recycled paper can reduce this further as well. In order to save on cartridge waste, buy remanufactured toner and ink cartridges. Doing this will still offer the same printing quality while helping the environment greatly –one remanufactured cartridge saves a half gallon of oil and two pounds of space in a landfill. Lastly, utilize email and new project management programs. With the technology available today, you can eliminate handouts around the office, thus reducing waste.

Lights and Appliances
Avoiding the use of lights is one of the best ways to turn your office into a more environmentally friendly space. Take advantage of natural light and make sure all lights are turned off overnight or when no one is in the room. When lighting is necessary, swap your incandescent light bulbs for LED bulbs, which will use a fraction of the energy and last longer. As for appliances, reduce the amount of energy by unplugging them when not in use because plugged in appliances will continue to use energy even when turned off. At Greenway Plaza we’ve replaced most of the lighting fixtures with the most energy efficient lighting currently available.

Around the Office
In the office kitchen, cut down on waste by using reusable dishware instead of single use. This includes using a coffee mug instead of a new cup everyday. Also, place a recycling bin in a visible part of the office to act as a constant reminder to your coworkers to be environmentally friendly. Even adding plants around the office can help by absorbing indoor pollution and add to a healthier work environment.

When searching for an office space make sure to look for an ENERGY STAR building. From there, implement the tips above to create a more green office space and also ensure a low cost work area. Help the environment and your wallet!

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Greenway Plaza Office Park Fitness Facility

Stuart Walton discusses the Greenway Plaza Office Park fitness facility.

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Déjà Vu

The deep recession that began in 2007-2008 is now gradually ending, and we are beginning to see an increase in economic activity. The current economy is reminiscent of the mid-70’s. At that time, there was an oversupply of just about all real estate, particularly office space and residential condominiums, not only in the New York Metro area, but throughout the country. Hard to believe, but in 1974 the level of office rents, even in prime office buildings in Manhattan, was approximately $9-$12 per square foot. The unemployment rate was 9%. In the early 70’s, the stock market collapsed and the United States was in the midst of a severe oil crisis. Sound familiar?

Ten-year Treasury Bonds were yielding 8%. In 1975 concern over inflation resulted in the Federal Reserve tightening its monetary policy and by 1980, 10-Year mortgages were 12%-13% and construction loans tied to the prime were at approximately 18%-20%. Hopefully, the financial markets during the next few years will not follow the pattern that they did in the post 1974-95 period.

Very gradually economic activity will increase. There has never been a time in the past when an aggressively expansionary monetary policy (which is what we have today) has not produced higher interest rates and higher inflation. Higher inflation means higher construction costs and higher replacement values. As the economy improves, at some point demand for all types of real estate will increase. Since there has been no significant new construction, office rents should increase and the economic value of existing property will once again exceed its replacement cost.

These cycles have generally produced higher real estate values over time. That’s why we continue to invest in energy saving lighting, new elevator cabs, etc., and continue to meticulously maintain our properties.

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